The Beginning of Something New and Exciting

I started making candles almost two years ago, and as we get closer to Mother's Day my origin story kind of makes me chuckle. My first two candles were beeswax. I had found a tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers for diy Mother's Day gifts.  I ordered all the supplies, followed the tutorial, and voila I had made two mother's day candles. They looked quite cute! With the extra wax, I made one for myself. 

This is before I knew about such a concept as "testing." Testing involves finding the right wick for the right wax, etc... It's quite a process! At the time, I thought you poured some wax and stuck a wick in it. Oh how wrong I was.  

I gifted these lovely candles and a few days later I decided to burn mine. It did.not.burn. It immediately extinguished itself! I was mortified and called both of the moms to tell them their candles were a dud. Neither cared, but this is where my candle journey began. It set in motion a passion to figure this thing out, and that in turn ignited an all out obsession. Suddenly all I could think about were wax, wicks, vessels, fragrances, and the whole lot. 

My husband encouraged me to turn my candles into a business. I'm a homeschooling mom of four, and at the time I still had a baby.  I felt I had no time to spare. However, I began to sell my candles to friends and family, and they kept coming back for more which encouraged me to continue and grow. As our youngest became a little older (and you know I was sleeping through the night...mostly), I decided to go ahead and launch. 

This is my official "launch." Welcome to my little sphere of the internet where I make and sell my passion. I hope you enjoy and stick around for little sneak peeks of the process! 

With love, 


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